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Legal Information - Terms and Agreements

1.0 Website Content

1.1 Accuracy is only an advertiser and does not take responsibility for the accuracy of the information in this website. Information in this website should be independently verified with the seller or agent representing the seller. All measurements are approximate. The details within these outlines of properties are intended as guides only. Personal inspection and survey are recommended.

1.2 Use of Content reserves the right to all content in web pages. You may download information for personal use only, not for commercial purposes. By submitting photographs and listing information to, you are expressly granting the right to use those photographs and listing information for marketing or any other purpose deemed appropriate by

1.3 Editorial Rights Reserved reserves the right to edit the content of any material submitted for posting on this website.

2.0 Endorsements are Not Implied

The featuring of realtors, builders, and any advertised businesses on does not constitute an endorsement of those realtors, builders, or businesses by

3.0 Advertising Terms

Terms and offers on advertising rates are for a limited time and subject to change. No refunds are permitted for blocks of advertising time purchased even though the buyer of advertising may choose to discontinue advertising. Any free offers are subject to withdrawal at the sole discretion of

4.0 Responsibilities of Sellers

By using to advertise properties, sellers agree that all properties being offered for sale through this website are legally clear to be sold and that the rightful owner is the seller. shall not be liable for the legal status of properties advertised on this site. The seller agrees to notify SELLthisHOUSEcom when the house is sold.

5.0 Listing Real Estate for Sale on

Listing property for sale on the website is simply advertising the property on the internet. Listing real estate for sale on, whether for sale by owner or for sale by realtor, is not intended to have the same legal meaning as listing the property for sale with a realtor.

6.0 No Warranties as to Results makes no warranties concerning the results of advertising on this website and shall not be liable for the failure of properties advertised on this website to sell.